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   For readers who know higher mathematics and physics, the theory of the Universe described in the formulas. This finished a comprehensive theory of the properties of Space from infinitely small to infinitely great, contains 290 formulas, not counting intermediate, and 45 illustrative drawings. The theory is based on the idea of Space as a homogeneous medium with a density of 2.9 billion times the density of glass. So the speed of the wave equals the speed of light. And matter is essentially a wave of structural heterogeneity, for which environment in which there is no loss of energy, has the properties of an absolute vacuum. Property of the parallel transport of structural inhomogeneities creates the observed effect of the interaction of material objects. In the framework of the wave theory of the Universe many concepts and definitions in theoretical physics and other areas of scientific knowledge acquire a very definite meaning. For example, the duality properties of particles and waves, the transmission of gravitational energy, the physical nature of various fields find a consistent explanation. Of course, the revolution of physics on its head will create a lot of problems, most of which are associated with the inertia of human consciousness. The inertia of social relationships may also have a significant impact, even if irrefutable facts strongly would require a revision of scientific dogmas. Scientific ethics in modern science is not held in high esteem.

Mathematical model of the Space

1. Substance

2. Gravitational changes

                  1.1.    The basic properties of Vacuum

                  1.2.    Electric, magnetic and force field P-0

                  1.3.    Photons and leptons

                  1.4.    Characteristics of an electron and a positron

                  1.5.    Resonons and mesons

                  1.6.    Nucleons and hyperons

                  1.7.    Nucleus of atoms

                  1.8.    Stationary environments of an electrons in atom

                  1.9.    Weight and energy

                  1.10.  "Paradoxes" relativities of systems of coordinates

                  1.11.  Electromagnetism

                  1.12.  Gravitation

                  2.1.   Measurement of the worlds

                  2.2.   Universe

2.3.    Gravitational cycles

2.4.    Gravitational impacts

2.5.    Reason

2.6.    Entailment of Reason

2.7.    Entailment of Reason in body of person

2.8.    Memory of Reason of person

2.9.    Information field

2.10.  Time

2.11.  Management of gravitation


     The statement of mathematical model of the Space demands other terminology appropriate to relationships of cause and effect. However in the given statement the terminology standard now is taken the most. It facilitates identification of laws of mathematical model with known physical laws.

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