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Мироздание: материальные
миры и Космическое Сознание
Высшие Знания соединяют науку, религию, йогу и Буддизм в единую систему Знания о Мироздании
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 Science, religions, the Buddhism, yoga, spiritual schools of various directions, representations of each person about the meaning of the life, not stacked in one system of sights at problems of life, - all this was bound in such mash of true and false knowledge, that the situation seems desperate. The Babylon effect of accumulation of knowledge a civilization will be, that people have ceased to understand each other.
    The philosophy of Space Consciousness is called to replace all listed systems with the uniform scientific-religious system based on true Knowledge of the Universe. People becoming on this way, will speak in one language, language of the Maximum Knowledge. True values, meaning of the life become obvious to all. It will allow to change a life to the best, to remove the reasons of disputed situations, to create conditions for the optimum organization of a life of each person, to reach that purpose for the sake of which it has come to this life.
    The book is not finished yet. Its text is born at participation of visitors of a site. From each page it is possible to go in the Guest book and to leave the questions, opinions and offers. All your remarks will be taken into account at editing corresponding sections of the book. You also can estimate and comment on new edition.
    In this work I shall not result substantiations of the philosophical concept with the purpose of concentration of attention on its major positions. Everyone who has desire to investigate a problem of the Universe, I send to Mathematical model of the Space and its popular statement - to the book the Maximum Knowledge.

The philosophy of Space Consciousness

     1. Space

     2. Movement

     3. Time

     4. Reason

     5. A life

     6. The person

     7. The God - about Himself

     8. Mission of Sacred Spirit

     9. Conducted by Sacred Spirit

   10. Universe and We

   11. The declaration of an apocalypse

   12 . The Manifest of Space Consciousness

          Hymn of the Saint Russia (Rus)

   13. Renovation-2012

   14. Magic of a real life

   15. Illusion of "GUILT"

   16. The dictionary of the Maximum Knowledge (Rus)


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