Скрыть рекламу = кликните по малозаметному прямоугольнику слева.
Вторник, 19.10.2021
Мироздание: материальные
миры и Космическое Сознание
Высшие Знания соединяют науку, религию, йогу и Буддизм в единую систему Знания о Мироздании
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1. The warm-up.
Will check the permissibility of the use of the Pythagorean theorem in the material world. Follow an imaginary right triangle from the same oranges so that the angles of a triangle are located at the same orange. If such an example does not like it, replace the oranges nuclei of hydrogen atoms, neutrinos or other elementary particles. It is important that it is the objects of the material world. The scale of the figure can be changed arbitrarily. On each side of the triangle lay out squares of the same elements. You cannot just use the same elements in the different squares. Check whether the number of elements in the square of the hypotenuse the sum of the elements in the squares of the legs.

2. The proof of the Great theorem of Fermat in a general view and its graphic representation

3. Debatable page (RUS)

1. Work uCoz providing "free" hosting for the sites created on Narod-e, based not only on cost recovery through obsessive, often ugly ads, implemented it on the page. UCoz programmatically in the content page of the website sometimes there are various distortions that the site owner is forced to transition to a paid service. Upon detection of such distortions, you can access an archived version of the "Download:" and to the use of undistorted information on-line.
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